Spreading love

Spreading love

Monday, December 15, 2014

Diamonds and Pearls

Good evening:
Here's my latest release at Splice Publishing, Diamonds and Pearls, now available at Barnes and Noble.com: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/kt-bishop?store=allproducts&keyword=kt+bishop
Confidence pierced Julian's soul as he raced onto the artificial turf at Roberto Clemente Stadium. He blew a kiss to Edeline in the press box, back flipped and walked into centerfield. The crowd roared loudly.
The scrimmage began when Julian snagged a fly ball deep centerfield after a batter tripled. He hummed a throw that hurled over the second baseman’s head and landed at home plate to get the runner out. “That should impress them.”
The crowd erupted a second time.
“Holy shit,” Gomez said.
After the three inning scrimmage, Gomez chatted with Julian.“If you don't watch it, you're going to make this team.”
“You hadn't seen nothing yet,” Julian boasted. He gulped down a large bottle of ice-cold water and poured the rest over his perspired body.
Out of nowhere, Edeline appeared at the dugout and approached Julian. “You were pretty good out there.”
“Thank you,” Julian said under a blush. His heart thumped into his chest over her beautiful image.
Edeline unexpectedly asked him out. “Are you doing anything tomorrow night?”
His mouth fell open, but nothing came out. He only gazed at her beautiful green eyes and long black hair.
“You're one of those guys,” Edeline said.
“What do you mean?” Julian said.
“Guys are supposed to do the asking,” Edeline said.
Julian's cheeks were flagged with anger. “I've been through a lot to get here. I'd love to be with you, but no head games. I'm trying to make a baseball team here.”
Happy Holidays

Monday, November 10, 2014

Strangers in Love

       Good evening:
               My second E-book, Strangers in Love, with Splice Publishing was released over the weekend. It's the second book of the San Antonio Stampede series and revolves around a former Sportswriter meeting a waitress on the way to San Antonio.


Kerry purposely ate his lunch at a slow pace to wait until Lou Ann’s shift was completed. Between bites, his eyes locked in on the beautiful waitress. His cock remained swollen and twitched in his pants. “I’d love to get her in the sack.”
Lou Ann cocked her dark right eyebrow at him as she dropped a second plate onto the table. Her right hand rubbed the back of his neck and he shivered. “How’s my favorite customer doing?”
“Stuffed, I can’t eat a second plate,” Kerry admitted. He just digested a mouthful of food.
She smiled contentedly. “I’ll bring you a to-go box along with my food for later this evening.”
He smiled at her. “Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves, we just met.”
“I feel safe with you,” Lou Ann said confidently.
“I’m just breezing through town on the way to Texas,” Kerry said.
Her hand rubbed the top of his head, causing him to tremble. “You can leave in the morning, what’s the big deal?”
“I’ve got a job waiting for me in San Antonio,” Kerry said. “I need to get my condo ready.”
“I’d love to hear about your job later,” Lou Ann said. She left his table and returned to the front. “I’ll be back.”
Once Lou Anna departed, Kerry finished his first plate and exhaled unevenly. The only thing left on the plate was cleaned chicken and rib bones. “I may not eat again until tomorrow.” His eyes drooped and yawned heavily.
He handed her a ten and five dollar bills.
Annoyed, her face wrinkled into a scowl. “This only covers the food, what about the tip?”
His right hand cupped her chin. “Your tip depends on how you perform later.”
“Now look who’s jumping the gun,” Lou Anna said candidly.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cooking Alabama Gumbo

Good morning:

 I'm pleased to announce the release of my first book at Splice Publishing, Alabama Gumbo. Barnes and Noble.com and Smashwords.com are among the places where it's currently available (I'll post the buy links later).
 Alabama Gumbo's subject line is near and dear to my heart. It just took me a while to get into writing the book and I can't thank Splice enough for giving me the opportunity.
 Here's an excerpt:
The Future Business Leaders of America’s convention at the Peachtree Hotel in Atlanta provided the backdrop for an unlikely reunion between Teia and Chase.

In the lobby, Teia bumped shoulders with a large man.“Excuse me.” Her head tilted up and it was a familiar face. Her eyes melted at the handsome man with a face full of stubble in a Crimson jumpsuit. “If it isn’t Chase Streeter, the great Alabama quarterback.”

“Hello Teia,” Chase said coolly. He extended his right hand and she shook it.

Teia apologized for her actions at the Sugar Bowl. “I was wrong to act like an ass at the presentation.”

Chase shrugged his shoulders. “No big deal. The only thing I felt that night was the loss, not you.”

“I really felt bad about it,” Teia confessed. She wiggled in her long black spandex, bit her lower lip to stifle a moan and control her emotions.

“Forget about it,” Chase said.

His arms crossed, Chase changed the subject. “I remember you being in the centerfold of Athlon’s college football magazine, pages forty-seven and forty-eight.”
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Welcome to Splice Publishing!

Good morning.  I've recently found a new home for my E-books, a company called Splice Publishing.
I love their statement: Splice was born out of a need for a dependable, professional e-publishing option that caters to both new and seasoned authors.
The first release will be Alabama Gumbo. A University of Alabama quarterback must juggle love with a rival and the high demands of playing football at the greatest program ever assembled (Ok, that last part is my opinion).
I look forward to a great relationship with Splice and learning more about the trade.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A bouquet of Black Roses

I apologize for my absence during most of the summer. It's been one of the toughest summers I've endured in years.
For the second straight year, I've managed to lose a publishing company.
First, it was Rebel Ink Press releasing my book rights back to me. The relationship lasted two years and they were professional enough to give me my book backs.
I'm sure all of you know about the horrific collapse by Red Rose Publishing. I'm not going into any more details, but the betrayal was harsh and still stings to this day. I was with RRP since 2008 until the bankruptcy.
The loophole states that our book rights are reverted back to us in the event of a website going down. But us RRP authors would love to see it in writing, because another publisher wants that as well.
If there's a bright spot, my unpublished stuff at Red Rose is good to go.
I've sent a few books out to different publishers, and been rejected by all three. Guess the only thing I can do is keep trying.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


While going down memory lane on a trip to Tuscaloosa, I realized a lot of key moments happened with the year ending in four.
1974: I learned how to read and write. (In those days, we didn't have Pre-school or Kindergarten from the Alabama School System).  That year, Happy Days debuted. The Fonz stayed with me all the way through Junior High in 1984.
1984: I entered Holt High School as a freshman and the Cosby Show debuted. I lost my way as a student the previous year, but thanks to Dr. Huxtable, I regained my momentum and graduated with honors from Stillman College in 1992, the year the Cosby Show ended.
1994: The last year my entire family was together. My mother died the following year, my uncle a month later and my grandmother put into a nursing home (She died in 1997).  Worldwide, it was the year we all saw O.J. Simpson riding inside a White Bronco on a California highway.
2004: Hurricane Ivan destroyed all of my college and high school memorabilia in Pensacola, Florida. On a world wide basis, America mistakenly re-elected George W. Bush as President. (He looked really bad during Hurricane Katrina).
It's still too early to see what 2014 will bring. Hopefully, someone will pick up the screenplay.

Enjoy the last few days of spring.....

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Finishing the Screen

Good morning, I just finished the rough draft to my first screenplay, Picking Cotton.
After a month of studying the basics of screenwriting, I embarked on the journey to put together a short film.
In its E-book format, Picking Cotton is a 289-page novel at Red Rose Publishing. I had the herculean task to break it down into 45 pages.
As we already know, movies are completely different from books. The E-book was mildly successful, but I changed a few things for the screen.
After I let the screenplay sit for a few weeks, I may go back and add something else. At the moment, I'm pleased with the movie's overall theme.
That is all, Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Good morning.......
           I have spent the last 10 days writing the rough draft to my first screenplay.
          After a week at the webinars studying the basics of screenwriting and reading various forms of movies, I decided to give it a shot. I wanted to see where the pages took me.
          At the moment, I'm at page 34 of the film version of Picking Cotton. I chose Cotton because it was my first book to get contracted and rewritten twice. Here's the link to it... http://redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=100&products_id=1070
           Since I'm new to this, I opted on a short film version. A film of 30-45 minutes (A TV film with commercials) is usually 45-50 pages.  After I complete the screenplay, I'll put it on the shelf for a month.

That is all......

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Week one of my journey to becoming a screenwriter was paved with obstacles. Arrogantly, I tried to write a screenplay without taking a few webinars. It was a disaster. I couldn't gather enough thoughts for one page.
Monday, I participated in a webinar from Gigi New, a famous writer and professor. I learned a lot, especially that a screenplay has three ACTS and goes between 90-100 pages.
ACT I - the tonesetter and the purpose of your story.
ACT II- conflict.
ACT III- Resolution.
With that in mind, I'm going to take my first book, Picking Cotton, and make into a screenplay. I may fit the other three books into the screenplay" Cotton Patch, Cotton & Silk and Cotton Candy.
I'll take more training this week.
See you next time.........

Sunday, April 27, 2014


           Good Morning. I've decided to try a new challenge: writing a screenplay.
           Over the next few weeks, I'm training on screenwriting and learn how to write a script for TV, movie and stage play.
            Screenwriting will be a difficult, unique challenge because it doesn't come naturally to me. Writing a book was tough, but once I got through the first rejection, everything clicked.
            I'm not expecting to have this script get picked up by a TV network or movie studio, but it helps to try something different.
              Until next time.....

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I've written E-books on the major holidays: Christmas, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day and Memorial Day.
For some strange reason, Easter hasn't made the holiday rotation. It's considered a major holiday, especially how much money I've spent on my daughter's dresses, weave, shoes and candy baskets over her childhood and teenage years.
I surfed the internet for romance novels on Easter and only came up with a handful of legitimate ones in the past few years.
Two were written by Lois Richter- A Baby by Easter and Easter Promises (Allie Pleither co-author). Sara Hylton wrote Easter at the Lakes. Lenora Worth and Gail Gaymer Martin co-wrote Easter Blessings.
I'll make it my business to produce a Easter romance novel by the time the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection comes around next year.  Who knows- I may revise one of my previously-released books into a Easter tale.
Until next time, Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Author Stacy Deanne drops by to promote her latest E-book, Disturbed.

Check out the Blurb:
Baltimore Detective Lisa Swanson is stunned when Detective Winston Lewis informs her that Devon Barnes, a young man stabbed to death in a park, had her name and number in his phone. Lisa insists she never met or heard of Devon and has no idea why he would have her information.

As Winston investigates, he has an eerie feeling that Lisa’s information being in Devon’s phone connects to his murder as well as a belief that Lisa might be hiding something. Lisa remains adamant that she does not know Barnes, but when her fingerprints show up on the knife used in Devon’s murder, Winston finds himself choosing between his feelings for her and doing his duty as a police officer. Pushed into a corner, Winston arrests Lisa for Devon’s murder.

After Lisa makes bail, she teams up with Winston to find out how and why the evidence points to her as Devon’s killer. The investigation leads to Lisa questioning someone from her past who not only could have the answers to her questions, but could also be the reason for her recent nightmare.

Thanks for stopping by, Stacy.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


My life isn't the most interesting. I haven't climbed Mount Everest nor serve an important position in President Obama's cabinet.

But I've created great memories with family and friends during my 45 years of existence.
I've managed to put together one book about my life.
Book 1 of the College Love 101 series-- How to Cure a Cajun Cold- was based on my summer spent at Fisk University in Nashville. I met and fell in love with a future doctor from Xavier University out of New Orleans. Our lives went in different directions from the 1990 stint, but for the first time, my eyes were open to bigger things outside my Tuscaloosa, Alabama prism.
Next year will be my 25th anniversary of the Pre-Med institute at Fisk. Hopefully, Cajun Cold will be in print. I'm currently working on rewriting my first-ever piece.
Here's the buy link: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-howtocureacajuncold-11053-178.html
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Sunday.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

K.T. BISHOP - Romance-wiki

Good morning:
            If I appeared on wikipedia, here's what it would look like:


                    K.T. Bishop (born October 18, 1969) is a Electronic Book author of Sports Romance novels. He's known for his four best-sellers: A Taste of Italy, Cajun Blues, Classified Love and End of the Rainbow.

Early Life

                Bishop was born on October 18, 1969 at Druid City Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He graduated from Cottondale Elementary in 1982, Holt High School in 1988 and Stillman College in 1992.

                During Bishop's last two years at Holt High, he developed a passion for writing. He served as Sports Editor of the Purple Reign, the school's newspaper from 1986 to 1988. It was this experience under Gail Cates that inspired to pursue a successful sports writing career.

                At Stillman College, Bishop's writing blossomed under the tutelage of Professor Stephen Flanigan Jackson. He was Sports Editor of the Tigers' Paw from 1989 to 1991 and Editor-in-chief in 1991 until his graduation the following spring. He graduated with honors from high school and college with a B.S. in Journalism.

                Three experiences during this span served as the turning point in Bishop's life.

                In 1990, Bishop attended a pre-medical institute at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. He had no aspiration to enter the medical field, but the six-week period later became the inspiration for his acclaimed College Love 101 series at Red Rose Publishing: How to Cure a Cajun Cold, Catching a Cuban Curveball and Back in Love Again.

Author Career

              A decade into his journalism career, Bishop became an author. His first E-book, How to Cure A Cajun Cold, was released at Red Rose Publishing in 2008. A year later, Picking Cotton was released.

                A Taste of Italy was Bishop's breakthrough hit in 2014, spending six weeks at number one on www.Allromanceebooks.com.

                Cajun Blues peaked at the third position at ARE.

                Classified Love, formerly released at Rebel Ink Press, reached the seventh spot at ARE in 2012.

                End of the Rainbow, reached 10th at ARE in 2014.

                Four other E-books cracked the Top 40 at ARE: A Christmas Reunion (13th), A Cajun Christmas (15th), A Cajun Halloween (16th) and Curling Up (23rd).

                Since 2008,  Bishop has written 48 books and 28 have been published. Nineteen are published at Red Rose.


             How to Cure a Cajun Cold (Red Rose Publishing)

                Picking Cotton (Red Rose Publishing)

                Curling Up (Red Rose Publishing)

                Catching a Cuban Curveball (Red Rose Publishing)

                Cotton Patch (Red Rose Publishing)

                End of the Rainbow (Red Rose Publishing)

                Christmas Blues (Red Rose Publishing)

                Starting Over (Red Rose Publishing)

                Listen to your heart (Red Rose Publishing)

                Back in Love again (Red Rose Publishing)

                A Cajun Christmas (Red Rose Publishing)

                A Cajun Halloween (Red Rose Publishing)

                A Cajun Thanksgiving (Red Rose Publishing)

                Cajun Games (Red Rose Publishing)

                The Sweetest Love (Red Rose Publishing)

                A Christmas Reunion (Red Rose Publishing)

                A Doctor For Christmas (Red Rose Publishing)

                Mexican Salsa (Red Rose Publishing)


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feeling a case of Cajun Blues

Cajun Blues was reviewed by Coffee time Romance. Here's what they had to say about my first-ever number one book at Red Rose Publishing:


Cajun Heat, Book 3

ISBN#: 9781454303053

January 2014

Red Rose Publishng




64 Pages

Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural

Rating: 3 Cups

Divina has no problem with taking advantage of a situation. She gets the case to make her name as a defense attorney and she gets to see the one boy who made her sweat in her youth.

Gator is a simple man who has been arrested for the only way of life he has ever known, and has just become a criminal. He is shocked to find a sexy lady who is calling herself his lawyer and is a blast from the past.

Gator wants to beat the bad rap but he is unsure about what he will do when he has to give up his way of life. Divina wants to win Gator's case but she would rather win so much more.

I loved Gator and Divina because they were two complete opposites, but as they say opposites attract. The story line is intriguing though I do feel the story was rushed and the love a little difficult to believe. Cajun Blues is truly a story of revisiting your youth and instead of the man of your dreams taunting you; now he just wants a taste of you. Cajun Blues is an enjoyable break from the day but it is truly a story told on the surface.

Delane/Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Crossing over in the book industry is hard to achieve. When I signed my first book contract at Red Rose Publishing six years ago, getting recognition across the board was one of my goals.
Two years ago, Classified Love, ranked seventh on the best-seller list at www.Allromanceebooks.com.
This week, six of my books are ranked in the Top 30 at ARE: A Taste of Italy is number one and End of the Rainbow sits at 11th, A Christmas Reunion 13th, A Cajun Christmas 16th, A Cajun Halloween 17th, and Curling Up 26th.
I'll always love having my books on the hot seller list at www.redrosepublishing.com, but it's really satisfying to have a wider appeal.
I owe a lot of thanks to my fellow authors, Red Rose and readers who love my E-books.
Until next Sunday.....

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII brings mixed emotions

Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos leaves me with a bittersweet taste.
On one hand, I can care less who wins between these two teams, especially since my San Francisco 49ers aren't in the game.
But on the other hand, the game brings a close to football season. I'll be going through some withdrawal next week.
For those who know me very well, can attest I'm a football junkie. My weekly routine revolves around the pigskin (I've often told my girlfriend about scheduling stuff around games). If being addicted to football was illegal, I'd have a life sentence.
Usually at this time of year, I exercise more and end up writing a few books about football to help me through this difficult time.
As far as a prediction, I think the Denver Broncos will win 27-23.
Enjoy Super Sunday....

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ending January in style!

One month into 2014, I've already reached a huge goal.
Two books, A Taste of Italy and Cajun Blues, topped the best-seller list at two different publications.
At www.Allromanceebooks.com,  A Taste of Italy, sits at number one in books for Red Rose Publishing.
Cajun Blues is first at www.redrosepublishing.com.
Reaching the top is always hard to do. But to accomplish the feat twice in the same week is amazing and something I'll cherish forever.
I'm not going to expect my next release will reach number one or put some high expectations on future books.
Until next time have a good week.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Can 49ers strike Gold in Seattle?

I love this time of year, especially when my team's a game within the Super Bowl.  The San Francisco 49ers face the Seattle Seahawks today in the NFC Championship Game, with the winner going to the Super Bowl.
I've been a San Francisco 49ers fan since my uncle lived there between 1963 and 1977. I guess becoming a 49ers fan started with my late mother and still loves with me and my younger brother.
 The city by the bay, as Steve Perry co-wrote and sang with Journey in their classic hit, "The Lights," didn't have many highlights when my uncle lived in San Francisco.
Things changed when Bill Walsh became coach in 1979, laid the foundations to five Super Bowl titles between 1982 and 1995.
One of the 49ers' greatest moments appeared in my first contracted book, Picking Cotton, at Red Rose Publishing. It's still available at Red Rose: http://redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=100&products_id=1070
Steve Young's bizarre 49-yard touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings in 1988, was historic because it helped the 49ers get into the Super Bowl and win it all (See picture above).
A similar defining moment occured in Picking Cotton for its main character, M.L. Cotton. He made a zig-zag 53-yard touchdown run with seconds remaining as Spanish Fort earned its first-ever state playoff berth in 1985. The Conquistadors didn't win a state title, reaching the quarterfinals, but M.L. landed a college scholarship to play quarterback at Tampa University.
Hopefully by midnight, I'll be celebrating the 49ers return to the Super Bowl.
Until next time.....

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Taste of Italy!

I'm continuing to reap the benefits of A Taste of Italy being free at www.AllRomanceebooks.com. The book moved up to second on ARE's list at Red Rose Publishing 's list of books on the site.

The E-book has been purchased and downloaded by several.

Author A.H. Scott wrote a great review of A Taste of Italy. Here's what she had to say:

"In K.T. Bishop's "A Taste Of Italy", basketball and love mix in a beautiful game of life. Netz is a basketball player, who seems to have a chip on his shoulder. But, as author K.T. Bishop unravels the character of Netz, it just shows this player is determined to live his dreams. Then, there's Giovanna, whose looks and intelligence intrigue Netz. "A Taste Of Italy" is a contemporary romance that leaves you rooting for those who dream."

Thank you, A.H. Scott. For those still interested in getting the book, here's the link: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-atasteofitaly-1387364-149.html

Sunday, January 5, 2014


For years, I always avoided making New Year's Resolutions. But this year, I became one of billions to set lofty expectations for the next twelve months to try and follow.
I'm determined to make 2014 the year of K.T. Bishop and stamp his name in the everchanging world of E-books.
Five days into the new year, I'm off to a great start. A Taste of Italy is ranked third among best sellers at Allromanceebooks.com under the Red Rose Publishing flagship.
Italy is currently a free read for the next few days, but exposure on the website provides me with a heavy dose of marketability and publicity.
The strong run by A Taste of Italy also sheds my one-hit status label. Classified Love in 2012 was ranked seventh by ARE under Rebel Ink Press. I'm now what you call a "two-hit wonder."
I don't plan to rest on the laurels of Italy. Bookstrand, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and New York Times all have prestigous rankings I'm planning to be on someday.
Folks, when you get a chance, drop by ARE and pick up a copy of A Taste of Italy: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-atasteofitaly-1387364-149.html
Happy New Year and keep reaching for the stars!