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Spreading love

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Weighing success

Good Morning!
As a longtime sports journalist, I have always used athletics as a measuring stick in the working world.
Professional boxing, a sport I covered at the Biloxi Sun Herald from 1992 until 2014, is the perfect way to illustrate my successes.

Here are my levels represented by weight classes:
My greatest success as a sports writer. I was a major part of a Pulitzer prize winning newspaper in 2006 for the newspaper's coverage of Hurricane Katrina.
Recently received an Outstanding Sports Supporter award from the Gulfport Sports Hall of Fame, honoring my 25 years of community service.
Moved up a division as a successful free-lance writer for magazines Alabama West, Crimson and Black Voices. No awards, but was in demand for two decades (1992-2007).
Junior Middleweight
Decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing Electronic Books in 2008. Wrote 36 original E-books for three different publications. Fifteen were Top 10 best-sellers at Red Rose Publishing and four Top 10 at ARE.com.
Made the transition with four Print books. Still a work in progress.
Light Heavyweight
Screenwritng is my greatest challenge. Million-to-one odds of making it as a screenwriter. Sent four screenplays for submission. May take several years to get a break. An empty space on my shelf is reserved for this.

Happy summer, everyone.