Spreading love

Spreading love

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Double Play!

Good evening!
Two of my E-books reached the Top 20 best-seller's among Men's Adventure at Smashwords.com: Curtain Call and Pacific Blue.
Curtain Call is ranked 11th in its first day. Pacific Blue sits four spots down at the 15th spot.
Both E-books are available via Splice Publishing.
Here's the blurb and link of each E-book:

Curtain Call: Actress Melissa Kaye and writer Perry Tiffin had a love-hate relationship during their time together on the soap opera A Different Corner. Their hatred often led to hot, passionate sex. At a party to celebrate the show’s twentieth and final year, Melissa and Perry are reunited again. Does lust still exist between them after ten years?
Buy link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/553399

Pacific Blue: Lauralyn Doss and Sebastian Gates are newlyweds who just relocated from Honolulu to Hollywood, California, but their marriage is off to a rocky start. Lauralyn is frustrated because she can't find a job, while Sebastian travels around the world as a backup quarterback with the NFL's Los Angeles Stars. Will their marriage fall apart before it even begins?
Buy link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/539074
Money is the first objective to success in the book writing,  but landing spot on the rankings will always be second.
Have a great evening!/KT Bishop

Monday, June 15, 2015

More screen time

Screenwriting has become a fun, addictive exercise for me.
Before I hit the road for vacation last week, I threw several  previously-released E-books into the trunk of my car.
No matter where I go out of town, finding the time to write has always been important for me.
I combined elements from an old Rebel Ink Press book, The Search is Over, and an Ex-Red Rose Publishing E-book, A Christmas Reunion, into a short screenplay called Instant Replay.
With both books five years old, I made it more presentable.
I kept the two characters from a Christmas Reunion and placed them in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I took the Canadian Football League team, Atlantic Skyhawks, from the Search is Over.
How the other two screenplay submissions fare in the fall will determine which direction I take.
Enjoy the week/KT Bishop.