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Spreading love

Monday, November 10, 2014

Strangers in Love

       Good evening:
               My second E-book, Strangers in Love, with Splice Publishing was released over the weekend. It's the second book of the San Antonio Stampede series and revolves around a former Sportswriter meeting a waitress on the way to San Antonio.


Kerry purposely ate his lunch at a slow pace to wait until Lou Ann’s shift was completed. Between bites, his eyes locked in on the beautiful waitress. His cock remained swollen and twitched in his pants. “I’d love to get her in the sack.”
Lou Ann cocked her dark right eyebrow at him as she dropped a second plate onto the table. Her right hand rubbed the back of his neck and he shivered. “How’s my favorite customer doing?”
“Stuffed, I can’t eat a second plate,” Kerry admitted. He just digested a mouthful of food.
She smiled contentedly. “I’ll bring you a to-go box along with my food for later this evening.”
He smiled at her. “Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves, we just met.”
“I feel safe with you,” Lou Ann said confidently.
“I’m just breezing through town on the way to Texas,” Kerry said.
Her hand rubbed the top of his head, causing him to tremble. “You can leave in the morning, what’s the big deal?”
“I’ve got a job waiting for me in San Antonio,” Kerry said. “I need to get my condo ready.”
“I’d love to hear about your job later,” Lou Ann said. She left his table and returned to the front. “I’ll be back.”
Once Lou Anna departed, Kerry finished his first plate and exhaled unevenly. The only thing left on the plate was cleaned chicken and rib bones. “I may not eat again until tomorrow.” His eyes drooped and yawned heavily.
He handed her a ten and five dollar bills.
Annoyed, her face wrinkled into a scowl. “This only covers the food, what about the tip?”
His right hand cupped her chin. “Your tip depends on how you perform later.”
“Now look who’s jumping the gun,” Lou Anna said candidly.


Joanne C. Berroa said...

Hope he gives her a BIG tip! LOL.

Sandy said...

Beautiful cover, K. T. I like the tone of this story. I think your writing is changing.

Melissa Keir said...

What a pretty cover! All the best!!

K.T. Bishop said...

He did, Joanne.
Glad u think so, Sandy....
I love the cover too, Melissa.