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Spreading love

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cooking Alabama Gumbo

Good morning:

 I'm pleased to announce the release of my first book at Splice Publishing, Alabama Gumbo. Barnes and Noble.com and Smashwords.com are among the places where it's currently available (I'll post the buy links later).
 Alabama Gumbo's subject line is near and dear to my heart. It just took me a while to get into writing the book and I can't thank Splice enough for giving me the opportunity.
 Here's an excerpt:
The Future Business Leaders of America’s convention at the Peachtree Hotel in Atlanta provided the backdrop for an unlikely reunion between Teia and Chase.

In the lobby, Teia bumped shoulders with a large man.“Excuse me.” Her head tilted up and it was a familiar face. Her eyes melted at the handsome man with a face full of stubble in a Crimson jumpsuit. “If it isn’t Chase Streeter, the great Alabama quarterback.”

“Hello Teia,” Chase said coolly. He extended his right hand and she shook it.

Teia apologized for her actions at the Sugar Bowl. “I was wrong to act like an ass at the presentation.”

Chase shrugged his shoulders. “No big deal. The only thing I felt that night was the loss, not you.”

“I really felt bad about it,” Teia confessed. She wiggled in her long black spandex, bit her lower lip to stifle a moan and control her emotions.

“Forget about it,” Chase said.

His arms crossed, Chase changed the subject. “I remember you being in the centerfold of Athlon’s college football magazine, pages forty-seven and forty-eight.”
Enjoy the rest of your week.


Joanne C. Berroa said...

Hi KT....just dropped by to see your post and wish you luck. Keep writing. Sounds like a great book.

Sandy said...

Good luck, K.T. I like your cover.

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats on your release! It's perfect football weather here! :) All the best!

K.T. Bishop said...

I always find it fun to write about things I grew up around, especially Alabama football. It's even more rewarding when I can name characters after people I knew...

Anonymous said...
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