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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Can 49ers strike Gold in Seattle?

I love this time of year, especially when my team's a game within the Super Bowl.  The San Francisco 49ers face the Seattle Seahawks today in the NFC Championship Game, with the winner going to the Super Bowl.
I've been a San Francisco 49ers fan since my uncle lived there between 1963 and 1977. I guess becoming a 49ers fan started with my late mother and still loves with me and my younger brother.
 The city by the bay, as Steve Perry co-wrote and sang with Journey in their classic hit, "The Lights," didn't have many highlights when my uncle lived in San Francisco.
Things changed when Bill Walsh became coach in 1979, laid the foundations to five Super Bowl titles between 1982 and 1995.
One of the 49ers' greatest moments appeared in my first contracted book, Picking Cotton, at Red Rose Publishing. It's still available at Red Rose: http://redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=100&products_id=1070
Steve Young's bizarre 49-yard touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings in 1988, was historic because it helped the 49ers get into the Super Bowl and win it all (See picture above).
A similar defining moment occured in Picking Cotton for its main character, M.L. Cotton. He made a zig-zag 53-yard touchdown run with seconds remaining as Spanish Fort earned its first-ever state playoff berth in 1985. The Conquistadors didn't win a state title, reaching the quarterfinals, but M.L. landed a college scholarship to play quarterback at Tampa University.
Hopefully by midnight, I'll be celebrating the 49ers return to the Super Bowl.
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Sandy said...

I hope your team wins, K.T.. I don't have any favorites this year.

K.T. Bishop said...

Football is my passion, Sandy. Guess growing up in Tuscaloosa has a lot to do with that! This should be your time of year, with the Kansas Jayhawks!

Joanne C. Berroa said...

Go go 49'ers!!!

Melissa Keir said...

I can tell that you love your team. I wish I had a winning team one of these years. Between the Lions and the Browns, I haven't seen my team successful in sooooooo long!

Now who would you like to see the 49's play in the Superbowl?

K.T. Bishop said...

hoping the niners' win today, Melissa, they'll beat whomever in the Super Bowl

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy said...

Go '49ers!

K.T. Bishop said...

Those damn 49ers let me down again!