Spreading love

Spreading love

Monday, April 6, 2009


The Trailer of Picking Cotton has received rave reviews. I'm real encouraged for success after its April 16 at Red Rose Publishing:
Here's a sampling from authors and editors, two of whom I value their opinion very highly:
1. Rochelle Weber, an author and who edited Picking Cotton: "I greatly enjoyed the trailer.....Thumbs up!''
2. Author/Reviewer Desiree DeCleves: "Nice Trailer.''
3. Author Barbara Harris of Red Rose Publishing: "I really enjoyed the video trailer. It made me interested in reading the book. I think my Darkhorse Conspiracy is coming out the same day as your Picking Cotton. It's pretty exciting.''
4. My unbiased cousin Shirley Rice, who works in accounting for a Alabama newspaper: "That was great, I can't wait to read the book!''
5. Author YL Stokes: ''I love the trailer for Picking Cotton, Awesome job.''
6. Author Megan Rose: "It's very classy. I like it very much.''
7. Author Kathleen Rowland: "Congrats, you are making a nice splash! I love the website!''
8. Rookie Author Kate Appleton: "I just checked out your blog and watched the trailer - great stuff! I can't wait to read the book! Good luck!!!''
9. Author Dee Shore: "That was really well done. Love it.''
10. Author Delores Walker: "A good trailer.''


Pat McDermott said...

Just had the pleasure of viewing your trailer. Very nice! Love the premise of the book and wish you all the best with your upcoming release.

Obe said...

Wow what a great trailer. Fantastic concept for a story. I know you'll go to the top with that story!

Nancy O'Berry Red Rose Author

Sandy said...

Great trailer, K.T. Your story is going to be a must read.