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Spreading love

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello... Joanne C. Berroa

Rebel Ink Press author Joanne C. Berroa stopped by Sports Romance to promote her most recent release, My Life, My Heart.

How does a brilliant and independent woman from the 21st century fall in love with a dashing colonel in the 18th century? How can that love survive the test of time to live on through three centuries?
Elena Martin is a beautiful and intelligent time traveler who experiences the kind of love one only reads about in novels when she finds herself back in time during the American Revolution. Sebastian Rogers is a ruggedly handsome colonel in the Continental Army who sweeps her off her feet. Faced with the daunting decision to stay forever in the past or go forward in time to the present, she makes the ultimate decision for the sake of love to stay and forge a life with Sebastian.
But there are dark clouds on their horizon and Elena soon finds the need to return to her own century where she is strangely drawn to another man, Brett Darby, her Princeton University professor. Brett harbors an unsettling secret---he can see and feel things that can't be explained by reason or logic. What powers do Elena and Brett hold over each other and why are their lives irrevocably intertwined?
My Life, My Heart is a novel that leaves the reader feeling good about love, life, and death. It's a story about endurance, hope, and a love so strong it defies time.
She squinted against the sunlight then looked at the clock on the time machine’s panel board. Eleven a.m. Only moments ago, it had been midnight. Or at least it seemed like moments ago. She looked around. In the distance were tall trees and the bright blue sky was filled with cumulus clouds. Otherwise, there was nothing. No animals, no chirping of birds, humming of bees, or the chatter of humans. It was surreal. She looked at the time machine’s gauges. One gauge was made to disclose what time period she was in. It hadn’t moved. Suddenly she wanted out of there, and fast. She had to get back to the University to document this. It was obvious some additional calculations had to be made before her flight could be accomplished again. The gauges and compasses should’ve read where she was and what period it was. The time machine was designed to remain stationary, yet it had moved. Something was amiss.
Elena started the ignition again, saying a little prayer the machine would in fact take her back to the University. What if it didn’t work? Would she be stuck in this soundless dimension forever?
She felt the now familiar droning of the machine beneath her feet. Again, she lost consciousness. Expecting to awaken in Bowen hall, she was startled when she awoke to complete darkness again, and the same unnerving silence. She reached out with both arms to feel around her, but her hands touched the nothingness of space. Panic surged through her along with cold fear. If she were inside the time machine, she should feel the coolness of the metal walls. The controls should be at arm’s length.
Yet her hands touched nothing. Suddenly the disturbing silence was shattered and she heard sounds, loud sounds, unintelligible at first then gradually becoming clear. Through the fuzziness of her brain, she deduced it was men’s voices, thick guttural sounds and they were shouting.
She stifled a cry as blinding light filled her senses. Her pupils narrowed, trying to adjust to the brilliant light. Then, like gazing through a kaleidoscope, it all came into focus, the voices and the bodies. All around were soldiers in uniform, barmaids serving beer and whiskey and she sat on a wooden bench minus the time machine against the planked walls of a tavern. Her heart was pounding. Where was she?
About the author: My life's passion has always been writing. Begun at an early age, I never got enough of creating "life" through my stories. It's such a high to be able to make realistic, believable characters who come to life on my computer monitor. Basically, they tell their own story and I just write it down. Their lives are very real to me, and I feel deprived not to be able to meet my heroes in real life. When not writing (which is seldom) I teach piano and organ. But my first and foremost love is weaving stories that readers will appreciate and remember.
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Steve Finnell said...

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Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy said...

Great excerpt - just read the book and loved it. I'm looking forward to more from this debut author!

K.T. Bishop said...

thanks for stopping by, Joanne

Joanne C. Berroa said...

Thanks for hosting me and for the nice comments.

Sandy said...

Joanne, your blurb and excerpt sounded interesting.

Joanne C. Berroa said...

Thank you, Steve, Sandy, and Lee Ann, for your comments and for stopping by!