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Spreading love

Monday, May 9, 2011


A lot has happened since my last post, but where do I begin?
Got hit with another mandated furlough in November, which I took the first week of March! Thank God for the refund I received from the I.R.S.
In April, my hometown, Tuscaloosa, Ala., was hit with a devastating tornado that tore apart the city! Thank goodness my family survived, but most of my friends did not. Several lost homes and businesses.
The second day of May my department at the office continued to get phased out. I was next in line to get cut!
In the meantime, I am awaiting word on two books I just submitted!


Kellie Kamryn said...

funny how life is like that - such a mix of sad things and good things. I'm sorry to hear about your friends and family and the devastation brought on by Mother Nature!
Good luck with the submissions! It's difficult but sometimes we just have to be thankful for the good and muddle through the bad... *hugs*

Nancy Lennea said...

Sorry about Tuscaloosa. We in Raleigh, NC got hit with two tornado storms in April and a tree fell on my car. I also have a book coming out soon with Red Rose, so the good must overcome the bad.

Gracen Miller said...

Good luck, K.T. The tornado has devastated a lot of family and friends in Alabama. It's such a tragedy and anytime I hear one heart warming story, I hear an equally heart wrenching story. My husband's been working in Tuscaloosa all of last week, cooking and feeding folks. Over 1300 people show up everyday.

Sorry to hear you've been axed at work. Totally sucks! Good luck finding another job...such tough times for everyone. The U.S. common man needs a break and soon!


Gracen Miller said...

Oh, I forgot to say, good luck with your submissions. I'm confident they'll be accepted!! I just had a short erotica release last Friday and my novel length story just went to line edits!


K.T. Bishop said...

I haven't lost my job, Gracen! I was next in line, which isn't comforting since there will be a next time!

Sandy said...

K.T.,good luck with your submissions.

I'm sorry about your friends losing their homes and businesses. Thankfully, they didn't lose their lives.

Even if you're next in line to be cut, I hope it doesn't get to you.

K.T. Bishop said...

I can relate to what the Tuscaloosa folks went through because I suffered during Katrina in 2005.

JaneB said...

Tough times, keeping my fingers crossed for good things to come to you and yours.

Jane B

K.T. Bishop said...

Thank you, I have a lot of things to work out!

Betty Ann Harris said...

Wow! I'm sorry about the tornado and friends of yours that lost homes and businesses. I'm glad you are okay. I am so happy for you about your upcoming future book releases. Best wishes!

K.T. Bishop said...

I hadn't heard from Hilary on the status of my two submissions at Red Rose!