Spreading love

Spreading love

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Emerging from the covers

I'm so excited about Picking Cotton soon getting released from Red Rose Publishing. For those who hadn't seen my cover, look to the right.
What a great design by http://www.asharceneaux.deviantart.com/. Thanks a lot, Ash.
Here are comments from other authors and book dignitaries:
1. Delores ''Magnolia'' Walker of Red Rose Publishing: "Nice.''
2. Betty Ann Harris, a Spellbinding romantic suspense author with Red Rose Publishing: "Great eye-catching cover! I love it. ''
3. Rochelle Weber of Red Rose Publishing: "Cool! I do love our cover artists.''
4. Veteran author Carol North: ''It's great. it has that clean, classy style that says "Red Rose."


K.T. Bishop said...

Guess its now up to me and sell the book. With a cover like that, I have to deliver the goods.....

Sandy said...


That cover is more than 'not bad'. It's absolutely gorgeous. When you sent it to me it was so big I could only see parts of it.

If that cover doesn't attract buyers nothing will. Smile.