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Spreading love

Friday, December 5, 2008


Welcome...... Nancy Famolari
I am pleased to introduce talented Author Nancy Famolari, who's promoting her latest creation, Summer's Story, coming soon to Red Rose Publishing.
Here's what Nancy had to say during her visit to the Press Box:
Football Romance: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
NF: I live in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband, five horses, two dogs and five white cats. My favorite hobby is trail riding. My horse, Ambrosa de la Pluma is a registered Paso Fino. The breed came to the new world from Spain. Paso Finos have a unique four beat gait that is very smooth. They can go for hours on the trail. They are smart and friendly and make wonderful companions. My husband and I try to ride at least four times a week. We feel so luck to live in an area with lots of space for riding.
Football Romance: What inspired you to write this story?
NF: Summer's Story takes place in the fast paced world of harness racing. For fourteen years, my husband and I had a small Standardbred breeding farm in New Jersey. We raised and raced these marvelous horses. Harness racing is very exciting. There are many heart warming stories about an owner or trainer believing in their horse and against the odds getting the horse to win a big race. This is what happens in Summer's Story. There are also people who take advantage of both horses and people for personal gain, not caring the least about how the horse is affected. I believed these elements would make a good novel. I hope people agree.
Football Romance.: Do you have a favorite character?
NF: Summer Langston is my favorite character. She's a very determined lady who cares about her horse, Meadow, and overcomes severe personal and professional obstacles to get her horse to the winner's circle. In the process, she learns something about herself and how to give and receive love. I like the fact that she's gutsy and doesn't give up easily.
Football Romance: Tell us a little about your writing schedule.
NF: I try to write everyday for two hours. Obviously this isn't easy with farm chores and other activities. During Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) I can almost always keep to the schedule because the incentive is to have a novel at the end of the month. I find the first draft fun and relatively easy to do. Editing is the part that gives me trouble. Summer's Story which will soon be available from Red Rose Publishing, I was extremely lucky in my editor. She made useful comments pointing out where I wasn't make my characters come across and, of course, how to improve my writing skills.
Football Romance: What are your future writing plans?
NF: I have a second book under contract to Red Rose Publishing. This novel is a murder mystery, Murder in Montbleu. The setting is a small town in Pennsylvania similar to the one I live in. I've become very friendly with the characters in this novel and have two other novels that use the same setting, Lake House and Buttermilk Falls Murder. I'm still in the process of editing them, but hope to find a home for them.
Let's thank for Nancy Famolari for visiting Sports Romance.
The book can be purchased at http://www.redrosepublishing.com/.
For a closer look at Summer's Story, click to the following link: http://redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=132&products_id=340


Nancy Famolari said...

Interview looks great! Thanks for inviting me to your site. I hope lots of people buy Summer's Story when it comes out on December 18th!


K.T. Bishop said...

I am always glad to have someone dropping by the press box.

Jane Beckenham said...

You sound really busy with the writing and all those animals Nancy. What a menagerie, and a husband to keep under control too!
Good luck with the writing.

Anonymous said...

great interview I enjoyed it!

Delores Walker said...

Good interview. Best of luck Nancy

Sandy said...

Great Interview, K.T. Nancy, your book sounds very interesting. Actually, I know a bit about the harness racing. My uncle's sister was married to a man who judged horses in competition all over the country. He actually was able to get some things that were being done to horses outlawed. His favorite was the harness racing. We have the American Royal in our neck of the woods, and I used to love to go watch the jumpers (my favorite).

Good luck with your book.