Spreading love

Spreading love

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here's an unedited excerpt of How to Cure A Cajun Cold:
A tall, light-skinned beauty entered the hall and immediately caught Arnaz’s attention.
His world was put on hold. She put him into a Vampire-like trance with the dark blue jean shorts. Arnaz got so tangled up in the female med student that he couldn’t write his name on the tag. Louis quickly took over, inserting his name on the tag. “I see someone has been hit by the love bug,’’ he said.
“That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,’’ Arnaz said. “I’m in love.’’
Arnaz walked to the other side of the room to meet this gorgeous Amazon. “If I’m not back in 20 minutes, don’t come looking for me,’’ he said.
She sat in the middle rows, where Arnaz approached her. “Excuse me; I didn’t quite get your name,’’ he said.
The attractive woman responded with a sharp tongue: “You must be the brain surgeon in the group. You don’t have my name because I haven’t told you.’’
He got right to the point: “What’s your problem?’’
She rose from the seat and towered over him: “Do it look like I have a damn problem?’’
She stood 6-foot, two inches taller than him. A stunned Arnaz had no idea she was that tall. He was caught up in her pretty face, ignoring everything else. She questioned his immediate silence: “What’s wrong, cat got your tongue?’’
Under normal conditions, Arnaz would have walked away and tried to pick up other girls.
Somehow, this girl had gotten to him. He couldn’t split and go one-and-out like a team in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. “Are you feeling insecure about being tall?’’ he asked.
“Oh great, I get to meet Dr. Spock on this trip,’’ she said sarcastically. “I didn’t know this was a psychiatrist’s convention; I’m in the wrong place.’’
She couldn’t shake him. He stood right there, battling her wit for wit. “I’m not leaving until I get your name,’’ he said.
The head of the HCBU’s pre-med institute interrupted them, ordering everyone to line up alphabetically. A smitten Arnaz raced to the front, but left a warning: “I’ll be back, count on it.’’


I've taken a break from writing the Cotton series to write the following short for Red Rose Publishing called How to Cure a Cajun Cold. The small story will be released by Red Rose Publishing in July, as part of its First Anniversary celebration. I'm honored to be a part of it. Writing something other than sports romance, I feel like action star like Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson playing a dramatic role.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I was in Ruby Tuesday's the other day. While waiting for the food to come out, I began writing notes on a napkin. By the time I left, I had already written a chapter to my latest creation. Is it just me or do your ideas come from anywhere?